Tara Hahn
Max Beckman
David Parris
Eric Whitt
Savannah Tweedt
Maxfield Maynard
Luis Gracia Alonso
Emily Williams

Photo by Rae Mystic (@raemystic)

Having formed in 2006, Half Past Two are veterans of the ever-thriving Orange County ska scene, but their forward-thinking approach also aligns them with ska’s current “New Tone” movement. After first coming together with Bad Time Records on 2020’s ‘Ska Against Racism’ compilation, the band and label have finally teamed up for a new full length LP. ‘Talk Is Killing Me’ shows the band building on their ska punk roots to evolve musically and stylistically, at times being more aggressive yet also more heavily introspective than the band’s previous work. Produced by Reade Wolcott of We Are The Union, the album is filled with pop-hooks backed by a rhythm section that flies the flag of “bubblegum ska” while displaying chops clearly suitable for heavier punk and indie stylings. Fans of the band’s 15+ year career will feel the evolution of their sound emanating from this record… pop-sensibilities mixed with fun and joy, but with a more “grown up” edge and heavier subject matter to reflect the realities of the modern world. The “Orange County sound” was due for a makeover, and this new effort from Half Past Two is certainly right on time.